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Indefensible explores the consequences of inexpensive micro-drones, assembled in garages and basements of embedded terrorists, laden with C4, shrapnel and deadly biologics.  In Indefensible, benign micro-drones evolve to a frightening level wreaking havoc in our own backyard where, due to their intrinsic stealthiness, size, altitude and speed, are virtually undetectable and Indefensible.

Thomas Banks, in his debut novel Indefensible, has proven, if anything, he is a gifted and compelling storyteller.  In Indefensible, Thomas generously invites the reader to become immersed in his vision of the threats and concerns about technology, autonomous machines and corrupt agenda as western society is confronted by a plausible and impersonal threat from the east----fully autonomous micro-drone weapons platforms that are undetectable and indefensible. 


Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator, Thomas weaves a story not requiring time travel or the reader's need to suspend disbelief, but rather awareness of the daily news.  A story not requiring some far off future setting but one that lays at the tips of our fingers played out in living color on the screens of ubiquitous smartphones and tablets.  Indefensible is a story that is believable and relevant to our time.  More importantly, the premise is frightening.


Banks has crafted the perfect antagonist, Moktar Barakat, the sinister Islamic leader who represents an evil so broad and powerful one hero is simply not enough.  Offsetting Barakat's dominance, Thomas introduces a spectrum of heroes from the highly motivated and patriotic Sheriff Graham to young Ricky Granger, often found in a Starbucks with his head buried in his iPad gaming away, each playing a pivotal role in surviving the unrelenting onslaught of automated terror.


It's obvious storytelling is only one of Mr. Banks' many talents as he so ably demonstrates between the covers of Indefensible.  Not only are we left with a genuine sense of fear and dread, we are reminded by the drone buzzing around outside our own windows that Indefensible is an all too real possibility needing little to set off one's imagination.


From the first word, Thomas sidesteps the humdrum of commercial storytelling and draws upon his myriad of talents including flying, business and most importantly, technology.  Thomas' literary 'first-step' is finely crafted providing the reader a perch high above the action. 


Indefensible introduces the reader to a new author, uniquely individual and self-sufficient leaving one with the sense that Indefensible is only the first of a future body of excellent and exciting work.


A certain fact is Thomas Banks is going places, whether here or there, in name or body, we are pleased to share this brief glimpse into his vast, agile and creative mind that has, with respect to the literary world, laid quiescent for much too long -- David Turner.

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