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Consulting Services

Are you looking for professional business consulting services? If so, look no further. Thomas Banks has a proven track record since 1980. Whether you need Strategic Marketing, Capital Development, Business Development, Communication, Writing, Business Plan Development, Thomas Banks has the answer for you.

Thomas Banks' comprehensive business consulting services will help you achieve your goals and elevate your venture to a new level.


With our business solutions, you can run your businesses effectively.

Who is Thomas Banks?

In a nutshell, Thomas Banks is a 30-year business professional with extensive experience in management, team building, marketing (tangible and digital), sales, software design (spanning disciplines from healthcare to mobile gaming), communications, and strategic planning.   At his core, Thomas Banks is a serial entrepreneur with demonstrated vision, command, insight and incomparable communication and management skills — an innovator and heavy lifter who eagerly rolls up his sleeves and takes the lead on any project and shepherds it from concept to market.  Simply, Banks is a rare breed, a visionary with an eye for detail and a get-it-done attitude.

“When you think of big, creative business and marketing concepts, think Tom Banks. He is one of the most creative and intelligent business persons I have ever worked with. He is exceptional!” Steven Muro, President Fusion Marketing

In the past decade, Banks has served as CEO of a public healthcare information management company and more recently a mobile gaming start-up.  Banks' public company background provides him a solid foundation in accounting and audit procedures as well as the much-maligned public company reporting process.  Bottom line, as a business professional Banks knows what it means to “own” a P&L. He understands  capital, its importance and its formation for he has personally raised over $25 million in development capital for the companies he founded.

In summary, Banks is unique by the fact that he enjoys exploring and exploiting uncharted territory.  As an experienced instrument and multi-engine rated pilot, with over 1,800-hours in the cockpit, Banks has a proven capacity for planning and mission critical decision making — decision making that matters. When it comes to business, Banks draws upon a broad spectrum of experience to manage the dynamic and fluid demands of business.

“Tom is the smartest person I've ever worked for. His commercial acumen and entrepreneurial creativity are second to none. More importantly, he is a moral and ethical leader that takes care of his people. It would be an honor and privilege to work for him again.” Jeffrey Reynolds, CFO Ontario International Airport Authority

Rest assured, few people have Banks' depth and breadth of business and marketing experience, written and verbal communication skills, command of technology and sphere of relationships which any organization, small to large, will find valuable.

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