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September 23, 2015

Recently the world’s leading scientists and technologists signed an open letter issuing this warning: “Humanity’s next great threat—autonomous weapons. They believe their versatility and capability will make autonomous weapons the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”


LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, Sept. 23—  Thomas Banks, an Orange County computer technology executive and innovator debuted his geo-political thriller, INDEFENSIBLE available on in both Kindle and paperback.  INDEFENSIBLE explores the threat posed by autonomous micro-drones as stealthy C4 and biologic laden weapons of mass destruction.  In this geo-political thriller Banks brings to light the looming threat of advancing technology represented by GPS controlled personal drones deployed by lone-wolf embedded Islamic extremists.  INDEFENSIBLE reveals a frightening strategy that is intrinsically stealthy, undetectable and more importantly, indefensible.


INDEFENSIBLE’s setting is global, as Moktar Barakat the terrorist leader in the mid-east highjacks a corporate jet and forces a team of America’s leading autonomous drone engineers into developing a heretofore unseen threat.  One quiet morning America is awakened to Barakat’s plan as an airliner arriving into Orange County airport is destroyed.  Soon you learn no place and no one are safe from his heinous plan and his indefensible technology.


As one Kindle reader of INDEFENSIBLE wrote: “What a scary, scary concept! Banks, not only has thought of a previously unimaginable future—but one that is totally likely. And he obviously knows all of the technical information that would make this scenario possible. The future he predicts is frightening. While the book is positioned and reads like a novel, it really is his prediction of our future. Read it and you'll think differently about the near future and about how technology and terrorism are coming together.”


Banks’ inspiration for INDEFENSIBLE was found in the expanding use of hobbyist drones viewed daily in the news and throughout our neighborhoods.  A thirty-five year technology veteran, Banks took the leap into literature drawing upon a robust career bringing computer technology to American healthcare, businesses, foundations and mobile gaming enthusiasts.


INDEFENSIBLE doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief but rather acceptance of the inevitable.


Banks is available for interviews, appearances, speaking engagements, media appearances, and book-signings.  Contact Thomas Banks at or via email at

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